Yealink T48s doesnt show outgoing number dialed

I have a weird issue that I assume is a setting somewhere I need to change… Just cant find where. Whether its in the phone webgui or FreePBX…

I use a Yealink T48s as my main office phone in the shop. Works great, love it. We use the Commercial Endpoint Manager module and use EPM for the Yealink configuration.

One quirk that drives me nuts though, is when I go back to the History to redial the phone number of someone I know I called maybe earlier in the day, or the day before, it doesnt show…

All outgoing calls just show up in the History as CID: 2676206371 (our main number)… As you can see, when you click call, it immediately adds that CID:2676206371 then shows the number dialed in smaller font below that (see below)

Here is a screenshot of dialilng and outgoing number and clicking CALL…


And here a screeshot of my call history on the phone… You see the outoging call just says CID: 2676206371 (again thats our main number here)


But, if I click on the info for that specific call when in History on the phone… Under number, it shows the number dialed…(see below)


Any idea what I need to change and where to get my outgoing calls to actually show the number dialed in the phone history???

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Turn off Settings->Advanced Settings->Display CallerID on Calling Phone

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I found it. Thank you! Working great now…

FYI: https://phone.ip.add.ress/screencapture is your friend.


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@sorvani This doesnt work for me for some reason.

In Firefox when I navigate to my Yealink T48s IP/screencapture I get the login credentials pop-up…put in credentials then I just get a blank white page…

In chrome, I also get the login credentials pop up, i put in the credentials then I get an access denied HTTP Error 403 page…

Definitely the correct credentials…if I just go to the phones IP and leave off /screencapture… I can log right into the phones webgui like I always do…

Interesting. That works on ever model of Yealink that I have ever tried.

Check this setting below. I have had it in my basefile for so long. I thought that it used to pop up on the phone that someone wanted to access the device if it was not set to any.

So I add “any” to Action URI Allow IP List in the phone webgui… Now I get a different error when going to https://phoneip/screencapture.

I get a “412 Remote Control Forbidden” error after entering credentials now…

Its working now… A message popped up on the phones screening asking “All Remote Config” which I said yes to… Screen is now loading at https://phoneip/screencapture


There is a config setting for that also. Do not recall it off the top of my head though.

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