Yealink T46S doesn't get latest firmware ( via EPM?

I’m not sure if I’m just missing something obvious here. I have a bunch of T46S phones that are currently running that I just added as new devices via EPM. They properly provisioned and registered and are working great – but are not at the latest firmware. I checked my EPM Firmware Management for Yealink and I have “1.22” in Slot 1 and “1.21” in Slot 2. 1.22 clearly shows as the latest for the T-46S.

Under Brands->Yealink->MyTemplate, on the General tab, Force Firmware Version is set to “Slot 1”. (I have also tried it as “Recommended.”) But, again, phones never update to and stay at

Am I overlooking something or misunderstanding how it is supposed to work? I have had updates work in the past with no issues. I just happened to notice that all of my T46S devices were slightly behind and not getting the latest firmware shown in EPM.

Have you ensured the firmware was properly installed? It can take quite some time once the request is made through EPM, I’d say 10-15 minutes sometimes, and the best thing to do is watch the dashboard widget for real-time downloading activity until it comes back down to normal levels. It’s usually a relatively big number so you will notice it.

I should have clarified. I’m talking about a bunch of T46S phones – some of which have been running for months on – and then some that I’m just rolling out. All of them appear to be on

That being said, I need to double-check. I just randomly picked a few. I’ll double-check on the ones that I just rolled out yesterday to see if they updated since then and report back. Thanks.

When you upload firmware for the Yealink phones, you need to make sure to rename the file BEFORE you upload it to match what it expects. So in your case, make sure the firmware is renamed to “t46s.rom” and upload it using firmware management after that. You can set anything you want in the “Phone Model” and “Firmware Version” as you want, typically I do the appropriate labels, “T46S” and “” respectively. When the config files are generated, it automatically populates those predetermined names on that firmware URL Line, not the name of your firmware when it’s uploaded. If you hover over the “Upload Firmware” help icon, you get this:
“Upload phone firmware. Please make sure file name of the firmware should be in the same format as requested by phone.”

To clarify, I am not renaming or uploading anything. This is built into the EPM, correct? This is supposed to happen automatically when the phone provisions and registers with the FreePBX server. I am not doing a custom firmware here. is supposed to be included in the 1.22 EPM firmware update.

EDIT: Note that I have done Custom Firmware for other devices in the past – when the EPM firmware update was old/behind – so I know what you are referring to. But that isn’t the case here. The latest firmware for the T46S is – and that is listed as the one in the 1.22 EPM firmware update. So, it is supposed to “just work” without any uploading or renaming of anything because I’m not doing a custom firmware.

Yes that should be correct. I’ve gotten so used to uploading the firmware myself, I forgot about the predefined packages. I would try uploading it yourself to see if that helps? I usually threw in slot 2 the custom firmware 0.00 and uploaded it myself. You can also check one of your configuration files to ensure it is building it correctly: cat /tftpboot/805ec0000000.cfg | grep firmware
Check that the URL is valid and make sure the ROM file is inside of that directory. I recall a while ago, EPM didn’t put the correct directory structure when putting the custom firmware 0.00 in slot 1, which is why I got used to using slot 2 for that.

Any official update on this? Again, my T46S phones are not being given the latest firmware shown in the latest EPM update on the firmware page.

Since EPM for non Sangoma phones is a paid for module it includes support. If your license is up to date maybe raising a support ticket would actually help resolve the issue?

Yes, I own the commercial module. I guess I’ll open a ticket. I was posting here hoping for someone to at least confirm whether or not theirs was updating Yealinks to the latest firmware or not so that I could see if it were just me. But I’ll open a ticket instead.

I actually finally figured this out – and I think it is a bug or, at least, very non-intuitive.

I went back to the Firmware Management page. Again, it already has “1.22” filled in for Slot 1 and “1.21” for Slot 2. I never changed these because they have been correct from the start. This is a new install that is only a month or so old, so these were already the current versions supported at install.

All I did was go to the bottom of that page and hit Submit – and it immediately downloaded all of the Yealink firmwares for 1.22 into /tftpboot/yealink/1. I believe it is now working properly.

The non-intuitive/bug part is that I had to go Submit on that page to make this work. For a new install with a newly purchased EPM commercial licenses, it could easily already be set to 1.22 for Slot 1 – but not actually download the firmware files and, therefore, not actually work.

I feel like it should do this automatically when the EPM module is activated.

I had opened a ticket and I just added this information to it. I thought that I’d post it here too in case anyone else ran into it in the future. You must go to the Firmware Management page and hit Submit at least once to get the firmware all downloaded – even though it defaults to the correct settings at install.

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