Yealink T46G creating a call park button

OK, this one is driving me a little crazy. I have a Yealink T46G, and have the commercial EPM loaded as well. I have gone in and created a speed dial button for this Yealink, and labeled it as Call Park. For the dial sequence I have tried setting it to ##70, and also ##70#, and with the latter it does actually park the call. The issue is that when it parks the call and the remote caller is hearing the MOH, the phone that parked it starts ringing, and it won’t stop ringing till you either pick the call back up, or you hit reject at which time it just hangs up the call on everyone. Actually I guess maybe it’s just putting the user on hold, I am not sure.

I have this working fine on my Aastra phones, and I thought this all worked on the Yealinks, but it seems this is not the case. I am curious, does anyone have a defined call park button working on Yealink? If so, what was the trick. Oh this is a current FPBX Distro 5.x, with all modules current under it, including EPM…

The Button should be Transfer with 70 as the destination and Park-It! Label.

Thanks Greg, that greatly improved things. Any idea how to get it so the person parking the call can hear the slot it’s put into? I know doing the ##70 on the Aastra’s allow that to work, but it doesn’t seem to be the case on the Yealink’s…

Depends on how big/busy the system is - since the 46/48 have SO MANY buttons on then, we usually do the following button layout:

Park-It! - Transfer 70
Park-71 - BLF 71
Park-72 - BLF 72

Then if they look down and see that there are no calls parked before they stab the Park-It! key, it will always go to 71 - next call to 72 - sort of a training thing.

But if multiple people are parking a LOT of calls you can lose where your call went, and if you need to show more than 2 spots you can start wasting buttons. Usually for most office systems we have found that 2 displayed parking spots is more than enough.

Thanks for the feedback, sadly this is a large system, probably 400-500 extensions, and a hundred or more active trunks into the machine. I had hoped there was an easy fix, but doesn’t sound like it right away. This all worked on the Aastra phones, but recently they decided they really liked the Yealink T46G and now I have about a 130 of them added to the PBX to deal with.

I know FPBX 12 is supposed to support direct to slot parking, maybe if I can figure out how that works, updating to 12 might be helpful…

From the FreePBX 12 Parking Page:

Example usage:

Attended Transfer call into Park lot nnn (It will announce the slot back to you)

Try putting this on a button and see if it does what you want. If you don’t have a 12 system I will try it in the morning.

Park Yourself into Parking lot nnn (Announcing your parked slot to you)

But I think you might be better served with this on such a large system:

It’s only $125.00 and for a system that large, it might be just the thing.

Sounds like a good idea, and I am just loading the update to FPBX 12 on mine, now that it’s stable. As to the Parking Pro, your correct, that is a drop in the bucket for such a large install, so I will order that and see if it helps with things.

Again many thanks for all the input…

You may want to look at the v73 firmware for the T46G. It changes how parking is handled a little bit and it also has a park list option. v73 firmware is not yet supported by the commercial EPM though.

To hear the Parking Slot the call is Parked on, when utilizing the Transfer 70 (or 700 in my case) to the Parking Lot, it’s more about changing the behavior of the Transfer Feature on the Yealink phone (and in my opinion, ALL of your Yealink phones should have this modification)–
Go to Features menu/Transfer, and change the ‘Transfer mode via DSS Key’ from the default ‘Blind Transfer’ to ‘Assisted Transfer’.

You can always turn an Assisted Transfer into a Blind Transfer, just by pressing the Transfer button after the destination, to push it through blindly, but you can’t change a Blind Transfer (including Transfer 700 for Park) into an Assisted Transfer (in order to be able to hear the Parking Slot before completing the Transfer).

You should find that, with the Assisted Transfer of a DSS Key, combined with the Transfer 700 (or 70) ‘Park’ key, you’ll be able to press the ‘Park’ button, caller goes on Hold, you hear the Parking Slot, due to the Assisted Transfer, then press Transfer to lock it in and complete the Transfer.

Works great, lasts a long time…guaranteed not to rust, bust, or collect dust.


Thanks JP, that was just the hint I needed to go dig up the answer I was looking for. As I try and auto-provision everything, I needed the setting to add to the basefile which was “transfer.dsskey_deal_type” and that needed changed from the default of 2 to 1. After that change, the parking works like a charm and I can hear the slot it’s put into…