Yealink T42g forwarding to cell phone even though call forward isn't enabled

So I have a rather strange one here. I have a user that submitted a ticket stating his desk phone no longer rings and only his cell phone rings. We are running FreePBX version

I have confirmed that call forward is disabled on his phone from the display menu settings. I have also confirmed that DND is not enabled. I have connected to the Yealink phone portal for this specific phone and have confirmed under Features > Forward&DND that “Always Forward” and “DND Status” are both set to off.

I do have find me follow me enabled for his phone and his find me follow me settings are listed below;

  • Initial Ring Time: 10

  • Ring Strategy: ringallv2 (so that it rings his primary extension first)

  • Ring Time: 20

  • Follow-Me List: his primary extension is first and just beneath that is his cell phone number followed with a # sign.

Hi there!
Can you please try this on your CLI?

asterisk -rx 'database show CF'

Maybe the CF is enabled on Asterisk.
About the follow me feature, if you see a # at the final, that means the phone will be reached using your trunks (external call) so that’s fine.

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Not an answer to your question, but this version of FreePBX went EOL something like 10 years ago. Recommend you put a plan in place to get on a supportable version.


Thanks I will definitely give this a try. Currently I am using PuTTY to connect via SSH but I am getting access denied. Using the same credentials I would use to reach the phone system admin portal.

Yeah, I’m new to FreePBX and this was “gifted” to me when I started at this new company doing IT support. I’m used to a hosted system/service so this is all new to me.

SSH should use root user, if you don’t have the root password you will have to follow this guide:

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Using SSH with the root user is a horrible recommendation.

That said, the above process will get you in.

Alright I was able to get in and look what we have here.

"/CF/3433 :2817054169
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Ok, now run this:

asterisk -rx ‘database del CF 3433’
That should remove the CF from that extension.

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You are right, but that’s the way he can restore the access :slight_smile:
Thanks for your recommendation @sorvani !

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Guys it worked!!! I can’t thank you all enough, I am very grateful and appreciative of you all! Thanks again and cheers!

Well done @jkalber ! Good to know!

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