Yealink T38G support in Endpoint Manager

Has anyone done any work on supporting the T38G (and upcoming T32G) phones in Endpoint Manager? We’ve just bought a load of T38Gs and discovered that the provisioning format has changed. I’ve previously looked at the provisioning template, but it’s quite happily making my brain bleed trying to work it out so far. :slight_smile: If someone is already working on this, I’d be quite happy to lend a hand, otherwise I’ll see what I can work out myself.

Since I didn’t get a reply, I guessed the answer was “no”. I’ve therefore updated the package myself and have submitted it for later inclusion. Anyone who needs the package now should see the ticked I lodged to get it included.

Hello rjch

could you please explain how i use your file to add Yealing t32g to my elastix 2.3 endpoint configurator?

i found a spanish way on how to copy some files to tftboot folder and 2 php files as well but it didn’t work out. i saw your file and saw the contents, where do i place these files? do i have to do anything after i copy it?

i appreciate your help.

Support for the T38G and T32G has long been since merged into the main Yealink package, so all you need to do is to install the latest Yealink package and activate the appropriate models, exactly the same as for other phones.

Hello Again rjch,

Thanks for your reply, could you please show me where do i update the packages? in elastix end point configurator i can only see other models of Yealink phones except T32 phones, tried to go to the packages update tab to find Yealink Update you told me about but nothing is there. i’m sure i’m looking in the wrong direction otherwise i wouldn’t be asking you this question.

Thanks a lot for your time and sorry for troubling you.


The Elastix’s Endpoint Configuration is not the same as the FreePBX Endpoint Manager. I don’t know whether the Elastix’s Endpoint Configuration supports Yealink phones at all, but regardless you can’t use the packages intended for the FreePBX Endpoint Manager module with Elastix.

Oh that cleared the confusion :slight_smile: thanks for your reply!