Yealink T33G

Does anyone know if Yealink T33G works with FreePBX / Endpoint Manager without issues?

The Endpoint Manager say that the T32G works. It doesn’t mention the T33G.


Since it is a currently supported phone from Yealink, it has a good chance of getting in to EPM when Yealink re-ups their certification for EPM.

But you never know.

I just was in a client system with EPM and so I looked. This list is updated to have the new T5 series.
So I would guess that Yealink did not add the T33G in the last round.


We recently went thru the process with Yealink a few months ago, and they opted not to include that model. I can ping them to see if that was an oversight.

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The T33G, is that the successor to the T23G and that one is going eol?

Yes, it’s replacing the T21/23 phones. Well, there’s a different T3 model replacing the T21, but you get the idea.

That phone is SUPER new so I imagine it wasn’t included because it’s barely entering distribution. That said @lgaetz if Yealink is updating their lineup with Sangoma I would definitely encourage them to add the T31P, T31G, and T33G and T33P.

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