Yealink T33G Phone Apps

I know the Phone Apps support for 3rd party devices is limited, but is it possible to deploy Phone Apps with the Endpoint Manager to the Yealink T33G? The predecessor Yealink T32G is listed under 3rd Party Un-Supported Devices. I guess this means you can deploy Phone Apps to this device using the Endpoint Manager. Maybe this is also possible with the T33G.


The official list of supported devices is here

It is not possible to use phone apps with devices not listed.

Are there plans to support the newer Yealink devices in the future? All listed Yealink phones are officially EOL. Are the Phone Apps still maintained at all or is everything moving to DPMA Apps?

We are planing to buy new phones and we really like the T33G for the price. The Sangoma P315 also looks promising but I could not find anyone who is selling the devices in Germany :frowning:

We are not currently in discussions with any phone manufacturers about adding supported models to Phone Apps, but things can change.

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