Yealink T22P auto provision


I am loving the endpoint configuration manager in freepbx. We did notice that using the builtin config files fro yealink T22P, every parameter is populated correctly but the phone does not register. Checking the phone web ui, we notice the sip server host address field is blank even though the macaddress.cfg that is generated in tftpboot\ folder has the correct ip address of the server.

We also noticed that the phone came with a firmware version V70+ where as the one in the provisioner wiki is V56. Could this be causing the issue? Looking at the auto provision guide, it does seem like the parameters are slightly different in the new cfg file.

I don’t think it has been updated in quite a while. somewhere I read that the guy that had developed the oss epm is now working on the paid version. so best bet is to manually configure the phones or spend money

The Yealink provisioning setup changed quite a bit between Firmware V61 and V70/71. Basically they introduced a new syntax so that the same provisioning could be used across all products (T2X, T3x, T4x series). You can still use the old provisioning syntax, but little details have changed. When we were doing our interim migration we noticed the server issue, which is Yealink changed the field. It used to be:
[ account ]
path = /yealink/config/voip/sipAccount1.cfg

But in V70 they introduced the ability to have primary and backup servers, so the fields got separated from [account ] to sipserver1 and sipserver2:
[ sipserver1 ]
path = /yealink/config/voip/sipAccount1.cfg
server = $server

[ sipserver2 ]
path = /yealink/config/voip/sipAccount1.cfg
server = $server

Not sure how comfortable you are working with the endpoint manager config files to make those changes… but at least that’s a direction to look in. The major issue is that this is all still based on the “old” provisioning style (M1 as Yealink calls it), so it’s likely to break/be unsupported in the future as all documentation has since shifted to the new M7 style which is completely different.