Yealink t20p SIP - register fail

hello i purchased the commercial EPM, I have a Yealink T20P. I heard these are supported and work with asterisk, and supported by freepbx. I cannot get my yealink to register. the IP address matches, port,user,password,extension, dns, subnet. i can ping the phone. what is a common issue with yealink registering? also how can i use the EPM to my advantage? When i make changes in freepbx it happens on the phone. the phones connected but not registering. any help is appreciated. i can send screenshots, etc.

PBX Firmware:2.210.62-5
PBX Service Pack:

Asterisk (Ver. 10.12.0)


Logs of the registration attempt would be very helpful.

how can i go about that? im sorry my memory is hazy.

I have the same problem. I have tried everything and no registration. Does anyone have a config or a T22P that works?