Yealink stops ringing, reboot phone fixes for a while, swap phone, same problem!

Here’s the problem:
Yealink T42S ‘front desk’ phone x401. Recent FreePBX (fresh install this summer), sorry the system is remote so I don’t have the version # at hand.

Front Desk phone is the phone that rings for all incoming calls.
If there’s no answer, then it goes to a Ring Group, which is all phones in the office, including the front desk phone.

Tested it out everything works fine.

Then sometime during a business day, the front desk phone stops ringing. No ring, no flashing light, no indication of incoming call. OUTBOUND still works.

Reboot the phone (via the Yealink menus). It starts ringing again.

OK, exchange this Yealink phone for another one… [bad phone?]
PROBLEM happens still, on the same x401 — with a different phone.


We’ve got a few T42S phones. I hope this isn’t a problem with the phone or its firmware. (Yes. I’m being selfish.)

Is the phone you swapped out the same model? If so, do you have another model you could use?

No I actually swapped with a different model. Still a Yealink 40 series though.
Update: is a T41P I swapped in.

Probably a FreePBX issue then. I’m a newbie, and won’t be much help, but I’m interested in the solution, because our configuration, with a Ring Group, will be similar.

Look at the settings in both the phones and the FreePBX extension. Phones can dial out without being registered but won’t ring. In the FreePBX extension > advanced options tab, check the qualify frequency, session timer, minimum and maximum and see that your phones are set to work within those parameters. These settings I mention are in PJSIP. If you are still using chan_sip, it is deprecated and you need to change your extensions to PJSIP.

Can anyone point me at what in the Yealink configuration I should be looking per kenn10’s suggestion? What to look at in the FreePBX settings is pretty clear, but I don’t know what to look at in the phones… and I don’t know what would be good numbers (aka within parameters).

As a guess, try setting Register Expires to a small value such as 120.

If that doesn’t help, it’s best to find out what is going wrong. What appears in the Asterisk log when the registration is lost? If the phones and PBX aren’t on the same LAN, please describe the networking between them. After losing registration, if you make an outbound call and then quickly call in, does it ring?

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