Yealink SIP-T46S notification light

I have a brand new FreePBX 14 (Asterisk 13) setup with 10 phones attached. My users are reporting that they all have the notification light lit when they arrive in the morning around 6:30 AM, and it clears itself somewhere around 7 AM.

I don’t see any settings in the phone that would enable the light.

Any suggestions where to look, what’s causing this to come on early in the morning, etc?

What’s a notification light?

The voicemail light.

I believe you are looking for the Features Tab then select Power LED
There is also a power saving option under Settings as well

This is the settings under Power LED. Nothing seems obvious here.

I’ll see if I can dump the log, and if now, see if I can enable verbose logging for a day and see what I get.

You might disable power saving too. Mine (when enabled) screen will turn off and the red led will blink when I arrive in the morning… and will go off when I get my first call or I pickup the handset.

Well, they tell you to RTFM -

(5) In the power -saving mode, the power indicator LED will flash red every 5 seconds to indicate that the IP phone is in Power-saving mode.

From yealink release notes version 81

Yeah, this is exactly what the issue is.

The phone blinks while in power save mode to indicate power save mode - that’s a weird notification.

But instead of disabling power saving - I’m going to change the office hours (in the phone) to an hour before they come in. Should make the blinking go away.

Auto Provision file updated, we’ll see if this works.