Yealink provision forwarding?

I think I remember seeing this mentioned somewhere here but does Yealink have a provisioning redirect service like Sangoma does for it’s phones?

I’m not sure exactly what you’re referring to but if I can infer from your wording you may be looking for Yealink RPS (Remote Provisioning Service).

It’s a service that all Yealink phones check with when they boot up. If the device is registered in Yealink RPS then the phone will be given it’s the provisioning server, user, and password to use to get it’s full provisioning.

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To add more information, if you have DHCP option 66 setup on your network, Yealink phones will take that and skip the Yealink RPS process. Also, by default, once successfully provisioned, Yealink phones no longer reach out to the RPS service on reboot. You have to default the device to have it do that again.

@sorvani yes I’m aware of DHCP Option 66. Don’t always have access to the local DHCP server though and have had good experience with the sangoma redirect service so was hoping to implement the same for yealink phones on an upcoming install.

Yealink RPS doesn’t use DHCP. DHCP opt 66 is an alternative to using Yealink RPS. Yealink RPS is built into all Yealink phones. So, if you don’t have access to DHCP then Yealink RPS is probably exactly what you need.

No one said it did.

I was responding to @ashcortech who replied to my post just wanted to make sure he understood that those two are not related.

Thanks guys, I’m well aware of the differences between a manufacturer provisioning redirect server and a DHCP Option 66 setting. I actually use DHCP 66 quite often when I can. Just don’t always control the local network hardware so not always and option.

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