Yealink phones says "no service" - please help

I switched offices which switched routers. I can get into asterisk/freepbx gui however phones are stating no service. Initially phones were working everything was ok, they then stated “no service” - do I need to change the ip address to new ip? why are the phones now not finding the network? I have troubled shot everything i could think of and nothing is working … please help!

I’m going to guess that you’re running on a cloud PBX server somewhere. If so, then you are probably going to need to make sure all of the addressing (including the PBX’s Firewall) are set correctly.

The problem with this answer is that it’s assuming a lot. If you could supply things like whether you are connecting to a VM in the cloud, or local, or on a bare metal server in your office, or outside somewhere else, that would help. Also, knowing how your network is set up in your office and what you mean by “switched routers”, we might be able to offer some solutions.

Your question, right now, involves a LOT of guessing, and most people don’t have time to play 200 questions to help you.

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