Yealink Phones not negotiating correct speed

The WAN and PC ports of my Yealink phones are set to auto negotiate, but are not always negotiating the correct speed. Sometimes it’s only 100Mb despite connecting to a Gb port on the LAN switch.
Often I have 1Gb on the WAN port, but only 10Mb (!) on the PC port.

Anybody else seen this behavior?

Yealink T23G V81

I have not. We use edgeswitches. However I would suggest Yealink forums as well. Might be more help than here.

Using Dell switches for the most part.

I saw this with some PCs and Dell Switches that did POE. Maybe there’s something in the POE negotiation that’s messing with you?

Not doing any PoE so far.

Thinking of hard coding the 1000Mb into the phone instead of auto negotiation. Not sure what adverse effects to expect.
Connecting to a 100Mb port still works even if port on phone is set to 1Gb, just tried that.

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