Yealink Phones Contact Manager / Address Book

Hi, This script was previously posted by Jared

I have made some significant updates to the script to improve the end user experience. It can be located here:

Changes are as follows:

a) Multiple numbers are now grouped against a single contact.
b) Customize the label for each number type
c) Customize the order for the numbers
d) Ability to use E164 numbers or use the number exactly as input (default)

Instructions in the github readme.


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Does this script update the phones to changes in Contact Manager? I have tried installing on my machine but no luck, I don’t think I have php-pear installed so I ran yum install php-pear but I received an error message. I’m running the distro v14.

I had a quick play on the weekend and unfortunately there seems to be a number of problems with the revised script. The database query is truncated and doesn’t work. Replacing it with the one from the original script sorts that out. The extensions variable is never created so the results are never generated. Again a modified version of what is in the original script gets it working so that results are generated. I’m not convinced the added sorting and field modification code works as intended either but I’ve run out of time for today.

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