Yealink phones and the LCD Logo (ARGH!)


We’re trying to configure a truck load of yealink phones on a freepbx server. However no matter what we do the Yealink logo starts to flash up as soon as the phone is autoprovisioned by the freepbx box.

I’ve gone in to the Endpoint configuration and changed the LCD_LOGO entry under FEATURES in MAC.cfg to show “LCD_Logo = 0”, and saving the file as a user config file. However when we re-provision the phones again the logo keeps coming back. I’ve even tried factory resetting them all.

What’s the right way of telling freepbx to not show the logo using the autoprovisioning feature? I noted that the LCD_LOGO parameter shows a variable originally but I couldnt find a setting in Freepbx that allows me disable the logo.



It depends on the phone model and the firmware. My T28’s just upgraded the firmware and the cfg files are totally different. The Yealink support page has auto-provision guides for all their phones. You can look in there then customize the endpoint manager template.