Yealink phones and PBXact Contacts

Hi All,
I want to ask if is possible to load the contacts from PBXact to Yealink phone directory.

Thank you

The Contacts Phone App can do this and Phone Apps are supported on many Yealink models:

Is the phone app included on PBXact UC100 or not

I believe that Phone Apps and Endpoint Manager licenses are purchased separately for non Sangoma devices. Best to check with your sales rep.

According to the wiki, all 3rd party phone app support stopped Oct 2017.

My hope is it would have been included with the 3rd party Endpoint Manager addon.


I can confirm both Rest API and Rest Apps are included with 3rd Party Phone add-on.

I agree, that wiki page is a bit vague and unclear, and will work internally on making that better.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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That’s good news, so in the future, if anyone buys the 3rd party support module, they would have access to the Rest Apps. Is the October 2017 reference just stating that development is focusing on Sangoma phones rather than 3rd party?

Or is it mean that Sangoma can’t control 3rd party phones, so if the Phone Apps stop working, it may be something with the 3rd party phone.

I will confirm that if you purchase the 3rd Party Phones Addon for the PBXact, the Yealink phones do have access to the apps, you just need to select XML-API and they do work.


It means we have no control over the 3rd party manufactures breaking our phone apps and we do our best to fix it but alot of the time it takes the manufacture to fix their firmware.

Thank you guys i just want a way to have the contacts on Yealink phones directory is there anyother way thank you all

Would something like this help?

That is the only supported way inside FreePBX or PBXact. You can always write out a xml file for the built in yealink phone book they have but you would be on your own for that.

Thank you all for the respond you guys are the best i have a question my PBXact it shows i have a license for Rest Apps Expiration Date 2043-08-14 can i use it with Yealink phones

Thank you.

If you want to use Endpoint Manager to generate the config files and manage the Yealink phones, then you’ll need the Endpoint Manager 3rd Party addon as well.

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