Yealink - Hotdesking provisioning and login/logout issues


I’ve setup hotdesking, but the behaviour of the phones is not as expected…
In not-hotdesking mode, I assigned extensions to phones in the endpoint manager (MAC is fixed to Ext).
In hotdesking mode, this is not the way to go i think!?

Can someone help me out? Maybe something is wrong in the basics of my setup?

I cannot add a new phone to endpoint manager without assigning an extension…but as we are hotdesking I do not know what extension is going to use the phone. So, there is no MAC.cfg created for the phone, which results in a provisioned phone with wrong settings after login/logout actions.


I would say you could switch over to device and user mode in you advanced settings instead of extensions.

This will allow you to assign a device extension to the phone and a user extension for the user to login with.

For example:
Device: 100
User: 1000

Use EPM to assign 100 (Device Extension) to the phone as it’s registration extension.

Then the user can use Extension 1000 and it’s PIN to log in and out of the phone as needed.

Make sense?

Have you purchased the PhoneApps module?

Have you created a default template? Please check out the Hotdesking primer in the wiki

Also note as our wiki says with phone apps. Non Sangoma Phones are not supported by us and use as your best effort and things may or may not work.

Make sense, se we just need 2 extensions.
Would those both be ‘normal’ sip op pjsip extensions?
And how do you prevent that the device extension (100) is able to initiate calls?

Edit: found it:

Awesome. Hope it works out for you! I know it worked out pretty good for a set up on my side.

Allright, that seems to help a little bit.
I now have a device ext 2000 and user 201.
factory booting without the ext 2000 assigned will result in the config loaded to the phone as described in the primer - which is good but doesn’t work (the login buttons on the line buttons won’t work)
factory booting with ext 2000 assigned will result in empty line buttons, ext -2000 in the display. I’m able to login with *11 and ext 201. After logging in, I can initiate calls and receive calls however the phone config is not changing.
Is it possible to:
Have the normal image loaded as the primer describes onto the phone, with ext 2000 assigned. This way the default logint and logext buttons are available.
After logging in, have the phone load a default config for user extensions, which the users can off course finetune themselves in /ucp.


Not sure I follow 100% what you’re looking to do. You’re trying to set up the Line 1 Line 2 etc buttons as login/out buttons for the users?

I’m sorry. I want the phone to initally startup with a login button, nothing else (that is working as long as there is no extention added in the EPM). When the device ext is configured in the EPM, there are no linekeys on the Yealink phone (you cal also call them softkeys, or whatever you want :D) configured. I can change that template with a login button, no problem.
But when I logon to the phone with the user extension, the phone is not updating it’s (display and key) configuration, it will still show the device extension number in the screen, and no alternative template (MAC.cfg file) will be loaded or created by the EPM.

Not sure it can do what you’re describing unfortunately. I’ve never tried to have it load an alternative MAC.cfg file when logging. Not saying it’s impossible just have never seen it done.

The way I personally set it up is I built a default template with features the users would need on the device ext template the phone pulls. This way the features are available to the user who logs into that phone at the time.

Make sense?

A bit, but that is not the way EPM and UCP is intended I believe.

In ‘extension mode’, the config file is changed when a user changes his template on the UCP, the mac.cfg is change and the phone is updated.

Would be nice to have that working in the device&user mode as well.
This way user ext X can have a specific config on device ext A
When user ext Y logs on to device ext A, he can have his own config.

Could always put in a Feature Request and maybe that will be added in the future for device and user mode. :slight_smile:

As of now I personally don’t know of a way to do that but there might be someone out there that has come up with a solution.

Device and user mode is not supported in commercial modules or EPM at all and no plans of that ever changing.

well that settles that option lol

Hey Tony,

thanks…saves a lot of time.
Is there any additional documentation how to work with EPM and Hotdesking (login/logoff) all together?

you need to purchase the phone apps to make this work. you then create a template for the hotdesk phones and can setup a button on the phone for log in/log out. the key type is xml-api, label is log in out value is rest-login

the yealink phones reboot each time so prepare your users for that. but it does work pretty well.

Hey Bob,

thats what you’ll expect…
I have that module, and logging in works just fine.
But, when logging out isn’t working.
When logging out, you can see that the phone is busy…and reboots, but the config isn’t changed and the user is stil logged on after the reboot…

the user is still logged on from the hotdesk phone? or are they back on their original extension

What mak/model of phone are you testing with?