Yealink Hotdesking (Login/Logout)

Updated to Yealink latest firmware (…130) and it seems that using pjsip, latest asterisk 13, and latest modules, I can login and logout without the phone rebooting. Can anyone else confirm this is working?

I’m not back in the office for another week to test but I would like to know as well.

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Well it appears to work but with a couple issues. After logging out a “Loading please wait” screen is displayed and seems to stay there even though the phone is logged out (Showing Login Ext and Login Int on the screen) I was under the impression that everything was ok because the screensaver was kicking on and when i’d press a key to cancel the screensaver the “Loading Please Wait” is gone. The new firmware now includes a screensaver which i enabled and set for 15 sec. Going off-hook/on-hook has the same effect. So now that the message is gone I can login. After login the extension and all the keys load however the “Loading Please Wait” is displayed again. Again either the screensaver kicking in or going off hook/on-hook will remove the message. The phone never reboots during any of this. The extension is registered and everything seems to work as expected. Not sure if this should be considered a bug or a feature!?

I get the loading please wait screen on mine after a logout on the version before .95 (.87 maybe?) so if it’s the same bahavior without reboot then that’s a step in the right direction.

Absolutely! As it stands now I can complete the whole login/logout process in about a minute without the phone rebooting.

I’m not getting this behavior on my system. Perhaps you can help.

Currently testing on a T46G running the latest firmware published through EPM ( Extension I’m using to perform the login process is setup as pjsip. Logon or Logout results in a reboot. The only changes I’ve made were related to another thread HERE that you were also posting in.

I’ve edited /etc/asterisk/sip_notify_custom.conf to be;


And edited the basefile for my template to contain;

sip.notify_reboot_enable= 0

I’m using the Phone Apps login/logout (not the yealink hotdesk feature). I’m NOT running in user/device mode either.