Yealink EXP50 with T54W models BLF key doesn't work

The EXP 50 no longer works properly with BLF keys after this firmware. They do not light up at all. You can log in manually to the gui, click around the dsskey section and hit okay and then they come on, but the Monitor lamps never work. They remain green all the time. What is different from this version to Is anyone using this phone with the exp 50 and newer firmware? We can only get it to work on

Some settings have to be different

Are you using PJSIP? There’s a bug in newer Yealink firmware related to BLF subscriptions and PJSIP. Have seen the issue myself.

yes PJSIP and we have to because we use shared extensions. It works fine when you go into the EXP 50 and add the ** manually which is the entire issue

That field has nothing to do with BLF subscriptions. Are you sure the phone is even subscribing correctly? I do not have an EXP50 to test. but I have a T54W.

yes and it works on older firmware and every other function works and updates fine from EPM

I’ve been on this firmware since it was released and I do not have that issue with BLF on the phone itself. Sorry I do not have the EXP50 to test.

you are on current? What version of EPM? The firmware is only an issue with the EXP50. The phone BLF keys work fine.

I don’t use EPM. I’ve bee on the versions in the screenshot since they came out.

Program the BLFs on the EXP50 as account 2 instead of account 1. They will work after that.

Also, if you login to phone and disable the first BLF and manually configure it all the BLFs will work on the expansion.

Still works as should with the .30 firmware. Yealik and EPM combo issue

anyone get any further. Still an issue outside of .30 FW. As I said, manual update works but it doesn’t stay that way. Randomly changes back and you have to manually log into the phone again. Again issue is with the EXP and T54

New Technical FW has been released to solve these issues

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