Yealink EPM Expansion Keys not populating Extension field

Hi All,
I am having an issue with provisioning a Yealink T46U with a EXP43. The phone applies the configuration fine, however, the Extension field is not being populated by the provisioning file (and in fact the field doesn’t exist in the CFG file), which is causing the BLFs to not work all. I have included a screenshot which better explains the issue.

I’m unable to test and I’m not sure how many people here are using the EXP43. Best to open a support ticket.

Thanks. I might be overlooking it, but I cannot see a way to do this without purchasing support?

The extension field is not relevant to a BLF working on a Yealink device.
That field is actually used for the pickup code.
Page 302: Yealink Support

FYI: Types

  • 14 is intercom
  • 16 is BLF
  • 24 is Multicast paging
  • 39 is BLF list

The field is irrelevant otherwise.

This has been a weird naming choice by Yealink forever. I assume they poorly translated that this field is an extension of the value field. For pickup it prepends the pickup code on BLF type. For Multicast paging it appends the channel 0-31.

Even long pressing the button and manually programming a BLF gets this type of screen.

Type being BLF and Value being the extension are all you need.

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