Yealink EPM config line labels & display name

I’m new to endpoint manager and I was wondering how I can get the extension name (e.g. James) to show up on the LCD display of the phone whilst keeping the extension number in the line keys? I’m using Yealink phones. On my template, I have line label selected as extension.

These are the lines from the basefile that I think are relevant. In the web gui, the label option changes the display name underneath the date. I think its a config issue as the issue is persistent on a T41S and T42G. The photos shows I am trying to change the text beneath the date (201) to the users name through the EPM.

account.1.enable = line1Enable
account.1.label = line1Name
account.1.display_name = line1Name
account.1.auth_name = line1Ext

Any help would be appreciated.

Go to the template. Not basefile. Setting is there.

That is not correct. Because EPM does not even have a setting for the account label. It simply uses the line label.
Yealink EPM Template:

Then the model Template for a line key… You cannot choose anything for the label.

You need to choose one to set via EPM Template, and one to set via Base file edit.

Since EPM descibes it as the Line Label in the template, I would stick with setting the line label via template and adjust the screen name via basefile.

So your template will have the Line Label set to “Extension” (as I assume it already does now).

Then edit your basefile and change
account.1.label = __line1Name__
account.1.label = __PriAcctName__

That will make your config look like this.


Cheers! That has done the trick.

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