Yealink & DSSkeys

Hi all and sorry in advance as I am still in the early days of learning how to do certain things in FreePBX. We have Yealink T48S phones and want to add some BLF keys to a couple of phones we have and I assume I should be able to do this in Endpoint Manager however I cannot for the life of me work out how. I can see how to do it for a whole template but cannot see an option for doing this on individual phones. In the extension mappings section I have an option for actions for each extension but cannot see a way of adding anything to an individual phone. If I add the blf key on the phone itself it gets overwritten by the provisioning fileā€¦

Got the users to log into the UCP to use device management to do it in the end.

You can expose these features to the Admin by enabling this setting in EPM global settings
After that there will be an extra button in ext mapping for each device that will allow you to override the BLF settings for a single device.

Thankyou very much that is exactly what I was expecting to see in extension mappings.

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