Yealink Customizing Softkey Order/Custom Keys

Yo, @sorvani not really an EPM question but you’ve got some skills in configuring Yealink’s IIRC. So I want to do custom soft keys and replace the default keys with said custom softkeys. I’m having a heck of a time doing it. I want to have different displays based on current states and I can’t see to get custom keys to show up in Talk state. I can reorder via the cfg file and using the call state XML files.

Have you done anything like this before, some insight might help. Here’s the pieces I have (sans XML call, just cfg portion)

features.enhanced_dss_keys.enable = 1
phone_setting.custom_softkey_enable = 1
softkey.1.enabled = 1
softkey.1.softkey_id = park_call
softkey.1.use.on_talk = 1
softkey.1.position = 1
softkey.1.label = Park Call
softkey.1.action = $KTransfer$70$Tinvite$$Cp2$$Chu$ 

I could have just PM’d you but I figure this can be helpful to others.

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I have never tried to change what the softkeys display during call. Discussed it as should be possible with people before, but never tried it.

I’ll have free time tomorrow mid morning though and this sounds like an interesting challenge.

Cool, thanks. I can’t seem to get the “More” button to show up either when I change to the position to be 5 or higher, which should happen.

I’m not sure if this is it, but all of my softkey configs have softkey.X.enable = 1

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No, because X is just a placeholder for the softkey number. You replace X with 1 or 2 or 3. Just like you do with the linekeys.

If you have an actual X in there, then it is not being used for anything.

I mean in mine the word is enable. In Tom’s it’s enabled. The X is a placeholder, yes.

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@BlazeStudios I’m plugging in a spare T46S now to tinker with.

Thanks, I totally missed that. Good catch, I’ve updated the config and waiting for them to get onsite to set the phone up (had to get it to the install location). But that may be it.

You beautiful SOB. Having the right setting is always a bonus. Positioning is working properly too so far. Probably going to make a few more adjustments and I’ll show later after the install.


Groovy, glad it worked. Always helps to have another set of eyes.

Also, those Yealink softkeys have a baker’s dozen different phone states you can place them in. Lots of room to customize exactly how you want them.

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Completely did not see it.

You and me both and I stared at it for 3 hours.

Looking forward to it.

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