Yealink - BUtton Types

I have the EPM module, and was hoping to find a way of setting the Line keys on T22’s to certain functions. According to the documentation located here: on page 182 of the pdf file, the type for the line keys can be set to various values to support functions. I can go into the actual phone itself and make the change to the TYpe and edit the label. Is this something that can be incorporated into the endpoint manager when generating the buttons??

Otherwise, I assume that the only way to edit this is to go into the Basefile Edit and modify the needed parameters?


Yes you can do all this in basefile. Also please open up a feature request at asking to have the line buttons add the ability to be other buttons. I know 6 months ago their was a bug in yealink firmware that kept this from working in config files.

I need the exact same ability. I cant seem to find how to do this in the base file.

Yealink sent me this:

programablekey.1.type =28
programablekey.1.label =History

programablekey.2.type =0

programablekey.3.type =0

programablekey.4.type =6
programablekey.4.label = Redial

#Enable or disable customizing the softkey layout; 0-Disabled (default), 1-Enabled;
phone_setting.custom_softkey_enable = 1

#Customize the softkeys presented on the phone LCD screen when Callfailed, Callin, Connecting, Dialing, Ringback and Talking.
#Before using these parameters, you should store the desired XML files to the provisioning server.
custom_softkey_call_failed.url =
custom_softkey_call_in.url =
custom_softkey_connecting.url =
custom_softkey_dialing.url =
custom_softkey_ring_back.url =
custom_softkey_talking.url =

But I don’t know how to put in in to mine with that format? Any help???