Yealink BLF and EPM

Hello, I’m running version 12.0.65 and using the Commerical EPM I have a Softkey setup for toggling FindMe which is working just fine. However, I would like the button to indicate the state. I thought this was working before 12 however I can’t be certain. I do have it working just fine on the Cisco phones so I know it is phone related.

What I have in the EPM config for that Key is *21%line1Ext%

first find out of the phone has subscribed to anything and isn’t showing the light… or if it’s not subscribing.

asterisk -r
In Asterisk CLI>Core show hints
I can see my phone is subscribed and watching it’s Follow me state here:

*[email protected]    : Custom:FOLLOWME100    State:InUse           Watchers  1

See if *21thatendpointsext has any watchers, or if it’s setting the state for that extension correctly.

also in CLI>sip show subscriptions
That will show all subscriptions each handset is requesting.

localhost*CLI> sip show subscriptions
Peer             User             Call ID          Extension        Last state     Type            Mailbox    Expiry    100              550000-3d1b1bc8  [email protected]  Idle           dialog-info+xml <none>     003600    100              5f0000-44b97313  *[email protected]  InUse          dialog-info+xml <none>     003600    100              4b0000-58e6ad07  --               <none>         mwi             [email protected] 003600
3 active SIP subscriptions

Not an answer i know (unfamiliar with Yealink BLF), but hope it helps you diagnose :wink:


In EPM 12 we had to move variables to be __blah__ as some recent phones we added use %% already.

Thanks for the note Tony, still can’t get this just right.


FreePBX v. 12.0.76
Yealink FW on Yealink T46g
Yealink FW on Yealink T38

When configure the BLF in the EPM for a Find me Follow me BLF I have tried both formats
*21%line1Ext% AND *21_line1Ext_

those exact values are written to the phone.

The first one with % does function in that it will toggle the FMFM on and off however the state of the light does not change. If I manually go into the phone’s web UI and replace %line1Ext% with the actual Extension number the BLF light will change state.

I see the behavior of both Yealink models as well as other BLF that I have created.

How do I have the EPM write out the actual extension number and not the wild card variables?

Well, by typing all that out and remembering what has been written before on this topic, I found the issue.

*45__line1Ext__*770 which is two Underlines _ _ not 1 which was my issue. Hard to see on this HTML formatted forms but that did the trick.