Yealink and multiple LDAP sources

This is a long shot but has anyone stumbled upon an app or service that we can run on our internal servers that might allow our Yealink phones to display contacts from two different LDAP sources?

We have a company that is owned by another but completely separate when it comes to infrastructure. They want their phones to show internal contacts as well as contacts from the parent company.



I don’t see why not, you just need to create the appropriate scripts to take the same query that you do with one, but instead, run it twice, aggregate the results and show it up on the phone.

I’ve done it with yealink on 3 mysql DBs with PHP for one customer and it does take a little while longer to load but it does load and shows appropriately.

And you mean output the results to an xml file for use with the yealink server based contacts feature?

Hmmmm will put on my coding hat. Thanks.