Yealink access to Phone Apps

I’ve seen quite a bit of conflicting information about Phone Apps support, and I think I may have made a mistake.

I read a number of posts about Phone Apps being discontinued on third party devices, and then I read a post that decision was being reversed, but the cost would be higher (which it is), and only with phone makers they partner with (of which Yealink was specifically mentioned).

I checked the documentation and saw the T46G and T46S were listed, but both phones are discontinued. I foolishly thought, “I’m sure it’s just a minor revision, they use the same firmware, it should work, right?”

But for the life of me… I can’t figure out how to make it work. After looking over the documentation, it looks like there should be a button option in Endpoint Manager for XML->API, and I don’t see it.

I’m assuming my assumption was wrong, and this module won’t work. Unless I’m missing something or misconfigured something (which is very very possible.) Any advice? And… is it possible to return a module license? :no_mouth:

The definitive list of devices that support phone apps is here

Thank you @lgaetz , I guess my only other question (that hopefully you can answer), is there any chance the Phone Apps module is getting further updates to support partner devices such as Yealink phones? Or at this point is the focus primarily on Sangoma only phones?

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