Yealink 911 Issue with new .81 Firmware

So with the newest firmware for the T46 and T48 installed on the phone we can no longer dial 911. ONLY 911. We have ring groups in 910 and 912 that when you dial it rings those groups. We can also dial 933 (SipTrunks E911 checker).

When dialing 911 it just sits there scrolling the arrows on the screen. You can see SIP errors in the asterisk logs around the lines of: Could not Find Endpoint and the other was Not Authorized.

If I roll back the firmware to .80 it works. Yealink does not seem to think this is an issue and its as if I am the only one having the issue but I have tested this issue on 3 different PBXact systems with the same results.

Any Ideas?

Just bumping this post to see if anyone has any ideas on this. We are really at a loss and I cant assume we are the only ones having this issue with the .81 firmware.