Yank Back a Blind Transferred Call


I was asked by a user today on if they perform a blind transfer, and realize after the call “leaves”, that they typed in the wrong extension, or perhaps suddenly remembered that the person is not at the desk, the user would like to yank the call back, and send it a different direction.

Queues are not used in our company. We do use FollowMe.

I see that http://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-12701 is in the works, but with the use of OR in the description, I am confused, and seek clarification. Because all of my users have voicemail, the call better ring at the destination, and if no one picks it up, the call should fall into voicemail.

The 12701 issue is also Target 15 release, meaning some time [months] as we are not early adopters of anything.

Any ideas out there on how to yank back the call?



The only way you could yank back an active call (which would work right now) is to do a directed pickup on the extension. Look in your Function Code page for the code on your system for directed pickup. As long as the phone is ringing, you can answer the call from your desk assuming you are in the same pickup group as the person you forwarded the call to.

It won’t work if the call has already dropped onto voicemail or if the call has been redirected out of the system (FM/FM or Call Forwarded to an off-campus call).