Xorcom Astribank and sng7

Does FreePBX 14 support Xorcom Astribanks? I have a situation where I want to upgrade some customers from Elastix to 14 so I’m testing compatibility. My Astribank loads fine with FreePBX 13 - firmware loads and channels are created, but when I test on a FreePBX 14 box the firmware doesn’t load at all and when I force a reset I get an xpp_fxloader error of :

[[email protected] ~]# /usr/share/dahdi/xpp_fxloader load
– --------- FIRMWARE LOADING: (load) [1 devices]
USB firmware
/usr/share/dahdi/xpp_fxloader: line 108: fxload: command not found
fxload failed with status 127

[[email protected] ~]# lsusb
Bus 002 Device 006: ID e4e4:1160 Xorcom Ltd. Astribank 2 series

The trouble is that I’ve upgraded 2 of them already without powering down the Xorcoms so of course they came right up since the firmware was already loaded. If they loose power I’ll have a major problem with the firmware not able to reload


We use stock DAHDI so if DAHDI from Digium supports it than we would have support.

They work fine with Dahdi from Digium, and that is what FreePBX use.


You will just have to check whether the FreePBX helper is effective , i doubt that it would be though if you have any input/output port needs, you can always do it manually which Xorcom has well dicumented.


So it looks like the “fxload” package was missing from this version

I followed directions from the Xorcom website https://xorcom.com/building-astribank-drivers-from-source/
It looks like it worked - firmware uploaded and lsusb showed e4e4:1162

i manually built the channels and tried using the DAHDI Configuration module and the channels were successfully built both ways

Thanks again

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