XMPP presence not working on freepbx (RST upon xmpp-client TCP SYN)


My free pbx is running fine for SIP, but messaging via XMPP fails.

Version of FreePBX is 5.21.65-11.

The xmpp-client requests from my client (with IP are rejected by my server (RST, ACK upon TCP SYN coming from clients).

I’m using TCP port 5222 for XMPP (this is configured as well in iSymphony Jabber settings and extensions settings).

I thought that maybe fail2ban has banned me, but in the fail2ban log (and also in the freepbx log) I don’t see a trace of this.

Besides of this XMPP issue I do have a problem with some modules in the system admin tab : Intrusion detection, abnormal call volume, portmanagement,notifiction settings and storage are all failing with a FATAL ERROR (example below) although network, DNS and time zone are working fine.

[2014-Jul-17 14:55:29] [FATAL] (functions.inc/portmgmt.php:10) - die_freepbx(): SELECT * FROM sysadmin_options WHERE key IN(“xml”, “ucp”, “acp”, “hpro”, “restapi”, “restapps”) [nativecode=1146 ** Table ‘asterisk.sysadmin_options’ doesn’t exist]

So checking if fail2ban has banned some IP is not possible via freepbx GUI.

I also checked the error and message logs available in the iSymphony admin page, but they do not show anything about XMPP (and I did set and activate the logging tab in the jabber field).

The XMPP port does not seem to be bound properly unless internal firewall or fail2ban stop this. Please advise.

I don’t see an attachment option - will keep the logs for later discussion if needed

You need to reinstall sysadmin

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I tried this already - first via Freepbx GUI “module admin”, but then I got the message that I miss a dependancy with another module (I forgot what exactly but I think it referred to a commercial admin module)

so I did an install via CLI :amportal a ma install sysadmin

but this did no solve the problem either.

Remark : the system with this problem is running on VMware (hosted solution), while another one on a dedicated server and with the same version of FreePBX (5.21.65-11) does not give a problem with fail2ban and the other admin functions.