I have setup the XMPP module on FreePBX and everything is working well. I am looking for a feature to save all chats and I’m not sure if it is possible. Does anyone have any information on if this is possible, supported, or any documentation to point me in the right direction? Thanks for any assistance that you can provide.

Can anyone help out with any information? It might be helpful to know who originally wrote the XMPP module and reach out there for help.

The XMPP module is pretty basic in FreePBX. You may want to look to an alternative XMPP server implementation. Any changes to the FreePBX XMPP server had to be made through a CLI (the exception being the FQDN).

A single laptop with something like a core2duo processor can handle hundreds of active users.

I use ejabbered with ubtuntu 16.04 and it is really easy to manage via a web interface. I don’t know though how easily it would be to save chats at the server level. Also, be aware, your end users can enable end-to-end encryption on their end if they are connecting to your server via a BYOD setup.