Xmpp message logging

Is there a way with the current xmpp server to have an admin be able to track and see all messages sent through the server? I know openfire allows this and it looks like there was a way with Prosody, but I don’t see one with the Let’s Chat server. Need this before I install for a client. If not, we’ll have to go to Openfire.

Bump for this.
I’m in the process of migrating from freepbx 12 to freepbx 14. The xmpp module installs and works fine, but I’m unable to find any centralized logging for the chats that might happen through the module.
We’re required by law to maintain the chat transcripts if we enable a chat function. Are there any instructions or ideas out there for enabling centralized message archiving for xmpp and let’s chat? I’d rather not fork too far from the provided distro and packages, so that the next poor sucker in my position isn’t reading my crib notes on modifying our server.

If Sangnoma was willing to make archiving part of a pro module again, that would work for me.

This is what Zulu is for.

We’ve paid for Zulu. So are the chat messages from UCP being archived anywhere?

Found the chat records being stored in the mongodb on the server. Anyone have any idea if routine maintenance will purge records after a set period of time? I need to be assured they’re available for a minimum of two years.