XMPP Manager documentation

Hi Everyone,

I have a few questions on the XMPP CM. Everything is working as far as chat goes. When we register an XMPP account on the Bria softphone, all users show up - that’s good. But, there is no other information and the account seems to be “unaware” of the user’s extension. Chat is all that is available when clicking on the user listed in the softphone directory under the XMPP account. The XMPP user is setup tied to the user’s account and extension. Is there a way to have other information - user extension, cell, email, etc - populated through XMPP? I have read sparingly that there should be a way to configure the XMPP roster but couldn’t find it. Any info or pointer to other documentation woudl be appreciated.



Nope its just chat. Nothing more. We auto configure a roster with all XMPP users in it.