We’re a few versions back on asterisk 1.8 and Freepbx 2.10…

One of the features that we’ve really been missing is presence via XMPP. Meaning I can load up my favorite instant messenger and it would show if another extension was on the phone, or DND.

We tried to get this working in asterisk 1.8 and failed at it. But my understanding is that since asterisk 13 XMPP support is greatly improved.

Is there a working out of the box scenario with the new versions of asterisk where this happens? Or is development happening somewhere that we could lend a hand?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I had the same problem with our old server. To resolve the issue I upgraded to 6.12.65-X and then purchased the XMPP module from FreePBX. It works.

Bummer. The commerical module is linked to the Distro… And for certain technical reasons we can’t run the distro… I’m looking for something that works on the ‘non-distro’ FreePBX version… But thank you for the reply.