XMPP client for Chat

Has anyone been successful with an XMPP client other than the client built in to the UCP?

My office staff is really not technical. Opening the UCP seems to be too cumbersome for them. We have just migrated from Fonality which had an app called FON. They like the Fon app. I am looking for a chat client that launches independently and and can be minimized. I found Aastrachat which looks good, but I cant seem to get it to connect.

I am on FreePBX

I manually put the server address by IP… And use the username field combined with the domain name specified in the XMPP app under admin. This may be incorrect, Im just guessing at the configuration. I haven’t found a configuration guide for aastra chat and FreePbx. If there are other chat apps I am all ears.

Thanks for your help.

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