Xmpp authentication error

I was able to use XMPP on FreePBX 13 (latest version modules) for a moment, having entered 1 user. I used a BRIA 4 PC softclient and presence was working for some time. Then, after changing the user name and password I’m now always getting authentication errors. Same thing for other users that I create.

XMPP sent:
XMPP Protocol
AUTH [xmlns=“urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl” mechanism=“PLAIN”]
xmlns: urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl
mechanism: PLAIN
CDATA: AGhlcm1hbgBoZXJtYW4=

XMPP received:
XMPP Protocol
FAILURE [xmlns=“urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl” condition=“not-authorized”]
TEXT: Authentication failure
xmlns: urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl
condition: not-authorized

I tried reinstalling XMPP, have reinstalled pm2, but no success.

Is there any logging and configuration setting available ? I found out that prosody is no longer used - so I looked a while in the wrong direction, but now I have no clou what is going wrong. As said, it has worked for my first user in the beginning until I changed the name and password. My users have XMPP set in user manager, and password has been reentered afer reinstalling XMPP.

I managed to make it work again by deleting the user and go back in extensions - create a new user but ONLY by using a custom user name - NOT via same username as the extension !!! Even then I need to reenter the password in User Manager to make it authenticate.

Further I notice that chat is working, but presence only works when a user logs in or out - showing “available” or “off-line”, but not for away, busy, etc. The XMPP presence is reaching the server, but it is not distributed to the other buddy. I use BRIA 4 softclient on PC and BRIA 3.8.2 on Android client. Both clients act identically that only “available” and “off-line” are reported to each other - all other states are not relayed.

For the first issue I just found out that if you use the same account name for he user as is used for the extension, then FreePBX assumes that the XMPP account is a UCP XMPP account. I noticed that when I enable Presence in the user UCP settings, then I have the same issue : authentication error for my BRIA softclients. So if you want to use another XMPP client in stead of UCP, then you must not use the same name as the extension. That’s tricky in my opinion.

The second issue - not showing presence, except “available” and “off-line” - and only during login and logout of the BRIA client - I assume that again some restrictions are playing. Can someone please comment on this ?

Presence is not supported in our xmpp server at this time.

Presence not supported ? that’s weird and only partly true : when a user is login in or out it works perfectly - only restriction is that user is not equal to extension - so I would expect that the additional presence states like busy, away, … should be “piece of cake” to implement as well ? Also chatting works perfectly, so in my opinion only minor effort is needed to bring FreePBX at a workable level on XMPP. There is of course other things like integration with Outlook, but that’s in scope of UC and needs probably Zulu - that’s acceptable - but basic XMPP Presence and Messaging should be provided in my opinion.

Yes however as I said. It’s not supported except for online and offline. That is all that works at this time.

I fully understand what you are saying but I am simply letting you know that it doesn’t work like that.