XML Phone Directory Issues

None of the phones I have available (Yealink T48X, ClearlyIP 270 v2) are able to access the XML Directory being generated by Sorvani’s CM to YL Directory. This setup worked no problem for a couple of years. However, I recently setup a LetsEncrypt certificate, and I believe this broke the directory. I have tried secure and non-secure directory links, using the FQDN and the server IP. Secure FQDN directory links open fine in a browser. Non-secure FQDN directory links return 404 Forbidden errors. Secure IP directory links require me to bypass security checks in the browser, but open fine otherwise. Non-secure IP directory links result in 404 Forbidden errors.

None of the above scenarios result in the phones being able to download the XML phonebook. Are they not able to connect using TLS? Thanks for any insight!

The problem comes with letsencrrypt cert.
If you configured it correct, port 80 is only reachable for letsencrypt and no more for your phones. I asume your php-scripts for the phonebook are located under /var/www/html which is the root for your web-page. This page is now no more reachable on port TCP 80…and following your phone don’t have connection to the phonebook-php-skripts any more.

If you want to keep the certificate alive, you need to change the phonebook-setting of all yealink-phones adding the port, where your webserver is now reachable (maybe 8080 or something else)

ps: If someome more familiar with this post may answer, I want to allow only a very restricted range of IP adresses to have access the the phonebook (to the php-script, the web-server). Specifically never allow non specified IPs within the same network any acces to it. How to handle this?

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