Xact Dialer - Configuration outbound and inbound

Hi, I recently upgrade to freepbx 16 and switched from asterisk 16 lts certified.
i did this because even tough i have a VM with 24 cores and 16 GB RAM,it cant seem to do 50 concurrent call out from Xact without disconnecting calls or our staff having “cant reach server” error showing up on their sip software.
i have sip trunk provider giving us 300 numbers and they said it can handle upto 60 concurrent calls.
i have created a campaign the dials out with a prefix 1 to point to an outbound route.
This outbound route is lined up with 30 trunk sequence, with dial pattern to with prefix 1 to match the campaign.
For inbound route it uses the same 30 trunks using _8X, using a ring group that calls 15 extensions on ringall setting.
Extensions are configured to not handle more than 3 concurrent calls.
Can you help?
I have to always stop the Broadcast/Xactdialer campaign to “free up” system resources so that our staff can make the calls in and out.
From the linux htop, i see the CPU is not over 45% at most and it never goes above 3.4 to 3.7GB of memory. No swap is used.

I downloaded the “fullxxx” log and uploading here. its extrememly long.
i dunno what error in the log to look for to show you.
is there a way to send you the log file or what should i filter on the txt editor to search for?

What errors are you getting in the logs for the failures?

Hi I had to wait 22 hours to add more replies…
Can I maybe rephrase the question.
On XactDialer, I have 1 campaign to dial 20,000 numbers, under 1 call group
Now I have added a prefix of 1 , so that it goes to a specific outbound route.
As you can imagine, dialing 20,000 numbers using 1 trunk is going to take forever.
So under outbound route, I have put about 30 trunks in sequence.
Is this the right way to setup using XactDialer to call using multiple trunks?

There is a setting for max channels for each trunk. If that is filled out the outbound route should cascade down the list of trunks. The total number of concurrent outreaches is controlled by the dialer settings.

thank u!
i get it now!,
on the trunk setting i had to also set continue if busy to No,
i had it as yes for some reason.

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