Xact Dialer concurrent calls and operators

In Broadcast module you can set the maximum amount of concurrent outgoing calls.
If the number of operators available can vary time to time during campaign, is there a way to manage that parameter dynamically ??
i.e. one day I have 4 operators instead of 6, or simply an operator go out for a break, all calls forwarded to a minor numbers of operators will be placed on hold over the group, and this is unpleasant for a customer who hasn’t decided to call us by his will
The ideal would be the TOTAL “Number of Concurrent Calls” follow the number of operator logged i.e. in a queue.

What about ??
Thank you

Well this would seem like a cool idea except that is not what XactDialer is for. Its a message broadcast dialer. Not a predictive dialer.

Do you mean the main scope it was developed for is to deliver a message to called party by redirecting i.e. to an announcement rather than redirect the call to an extension or group ??

Yes it was designed to play messages. http://schmoozecom.com/xact-dialer.php