X-Lite to X-Lite extension


I am very new to Voip, I’ve installed AsteriskNow, configured 2 extensions and registered two X-Lite softphones with Asterisk on two separate workstations. Now how do I make a call to each extensions. I am getting “The number you have dialed is not in service”.


Begin new to Voip. Search for the “… Without Tears” series. As of a week ago there was not one yet for AsteriskNow but there is one for PIAF, elastix and trixbox. Any will work as they all use the same GUI interface.

well I am very new also in this asterisk. I also having this issue, but still unsolve. under my situation, I found out some information with using the putty, it list out each station network/ ext status, what I found out is that that some of the station somehow is picking up a different domain ip, even through it is inside the same lan.