X-lite softphone setup with freepbx

please I’m new to asterisk and freepbx.

i want add x-lit to the freepbx, how to i go about it from the GUI interface.

thanks in advance for your input

You simply add a sip or PJSIP extension and use the credentials created to configure xlite

thanks for your response.

i added extension eg 607 , display name Tyu, userid tyu and copy the secret password to xlite

on xlite, i use the pbx ip as the domain while i added the password and ID yet its telling me userid, password authentication not correct. its not even connecting

The SIP credentials are the extension number and the SIP secret. Make sure you are using the right port, and watch you don’t get banned in System Admin, Intrusion Detection.

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how to get to knw the port number and check d intrusion