WSL2 and port proxy

Hi everybody!
I did an installation of asterisk and freepbx to Ubunto 22.04.
Perhaps I should use VM and FreePBX distro instead. Anyhow.
I wanted to learn a bit and make a few LAN calls. And it works fine with two sip client apps on the host connected through a Hyper-V adapter. I tried to connect the phone sip app to the host and port forward to the sip server

 netsh interface portproxy show all

Listen on ipv4:             Connect to ipv4:

Address         Port        Address         Port
--------------- ----------  --------------- ----------   8080   80   5060   5060

It didn’t work. Ports 5060 are opened both on the host and WSL2. But 8080 → 80 works.
I set up Local Networks in FreePBX as and tried to set External Address as (Windows Host from WSL2 POV)

In Wireshark, I found Status-Line: SIP/2.0 405 Method not allowed when trying to connect through proxy.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Unless you are a networking expert, set up your VM to use bridged networking. The PBX will get a 192.168.0.x address from your router/firewall and will be accessible from clients on the host and elsewhere on your LAN.

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