Wrong VoiceMail language when performing call via UCP


I have the following situation / problem:

  • 2 extensions (43 & 45)
  • extension 45 is not registered (no device attached)
  • Default language (Admin --> Sound Languages) is german

When I call from device 43 to extension 45 I get a message in german, that the number is unavailable. Which is right.
If I use UCP to perform the call (by clicking on the right upper corner and say call) and also dial from 43 to 45 the phone 43 rings as expected but if I anwer that call I get a english message that the number is unavialable.

What am I doing wrong or can someone reconstruct that problem?

Thank you

I think I found the reason for this behavior.
Both extensions had language code “default” configured. But extension 43 was created with a default language “en” and extension 45 was created with default language “de”.
I just switched the language code from extension 43 from default to de and it works as expected.