Wrong time and DST in FreePBX 13


we have a VM with SHMZ 6.6 and FreePBX, we noticed time is incorrect in Time Conditions, in Italy we have DST set to CEST right now, but if we set Europe/Rome we will end up with a CET hour, so our time conditions are messed up because our PBX is set to one hour back.

On the shell of the VM the command “date” shows the correct timezone and hour (CEST) and into php.ini we have:
date.timezone = "Europe/Rome" ;;;; Automatically updated by Sysadmin

We already tried changing Timezone into Sysadmin module to UTC and rebooting, then reverting back to Europe/Rome and rebooting without success.

Into Advanced Settings we have Europe/Rome as PHP Timezone set.

We don’t know how to fix this, the only workaround is to set to Athens timezone that will show the correct time until next DST change, but it’s a workaround, please could you help us?

I remember people (including me) having trouble with time a few years ago, and those versions look alarmingly like old version numbers.

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Sure it’s an old VM, but for now we can’t upgrade it, is there any way to fix the DST issue?

I don’t know if you can pull the DST code out from that and patch it up. I think you might need to start the upgrade path on the VM; you can upgrade FreePBX without upgrading the OS to a point.

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too complicated, I’ll try to upgrade FreePBX whenever possible. Meanwhile if anyone has a solution please let me know!

Summer in Athens and have a cron job return you to Rome for the winter

0 2 31 10 ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Rome /etc/localtime
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