Wrong Received Date on D70

Whenever I receive a voicemail message, Digium D70 handset displays an incorrect received date. However, I’ve confirmed that the locale and date settings are correct.

When I check the data file of that same voicemail message in the Asterisk machine, it contains the correct date. I’ve also confirmed that the locale and date settings in Asterisk are correct (configured in FreePBX GUI).

I can’t pinpoint whether the problem is in Asterisk or the D70 handset. Any ideas?

You should ensure you’re running a recent version of firmware on the phone.

The voicemail app on the phone responds to the date_UTC data provided for the message. DPMA sources date_UTC from the origdate of the message itself. Unless the phone doesn’t have proper local time (maybe NTP failed) or it’s got some wacky offset based on its timezone setting, it should merely be responding to the origdate that it gets from DPMA, that pulls it out of the voicemail file provided by Asterisk. If those voicemails are backended in ODBC, then all bets are probably off.

Thanks for the reply!

The handset’s local time and time zone are set correctly. I’m not using ODBC. Would there be some other things I should check first before resorting to updating the firmware? I’m not well-versed in Digium phones and I don’t want to reset any device here to factory settings if possible.

I don’t know. This generally works. Whatever you’ve got is some edge case that someone would have to sleuth out.

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If this is the case, then a ticket should be submitted with as much detail as you can put together. With the consolidation of Digium and Sangoma, I’m going to assume that management of issues like this is going to (eventually, at least) be consolidating into a single JIRA instance to that resources can be committed to fixing the problem.

While we do appreciate the Digium/Sangoma folks that hang out here, as a user community, we still need to make sure that when we find a problem we can’t solve that the big brains we’re hiring can get to the problem in a manageable way.

It’d be inappropriate for me to enter any ticket as there’s not enough information to reproduce the report. The issue reporter would have to make a submission and provide enough information for someone to be able to make progress. What’s on this thread isn’t enough.

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Just so we’re clear:

I was replying to the thread - if I had meant to direct the issue to you (a Digium employee) I’d have replied to you or PMed you like I did in this message. I was using your statement to fine tune the point I was trying to make. The original poster is the only one who can report this, for a couple of reasons:

  1. They are the one having the problem.
  2. If you were going to report it, you would have already.

I could have made the reference to him (@eyzi) more explicit, and on that point mea culpa. So, to clarify: @eyzi - you need to put in a ticket (either in Support or Issues, above) that documents what you are seeing on your phone as well as any other details that might effect your issue. Things about Time Zones are unusually difficult to track down, so you need to provide as much detail as you can.

As a User Community, it’s important that we help our fellow “stumblers in the dark” to the extent we can. That part of the power of this forum - many of us work hard at making this a place where we help till we can’t, and then send the question on to “Tier 2” when we have exhausted our resources. @malcomd - as a new member of the Sangoma family, welcome to the FreePBX Forums.

Ack :smiley:

Thanks, guys!

I’m still working on the problem doing what I can, or at least narrowing it down until I can reproduce the problem with another device. If I do hit a dead end, I’ll submit a ticket to Digium. I really appreciate the help!