Wrong entries in ACD By Day report for Answered when there were 0 answered call for that particular day

We use Queue Reports v 16.0.33 in FreePBX and we have trouble with “ACD by day” report which use “Custom - ACD By Day” Report Type. If we create a report, where all days from “Date Range” has at least one answered call by the operator (see the third column), everything is OK see att. qxact_report ACD By day Correct.csv. If we create a report, where at least one day from “Date Range” has zero answered call by the operator (see the third column in att. qxact_report ACD By Day Failed.csv), than we expect value zero in column “Answered” and “Avg.Talk” (see the third and sixth column) for the date 19.11.2023. The 19.11.2023 was the day, when operator did not answered any call. Instead of that, there is a missing value zero in column “Answered” (see the third column) and in column “Avg.Talk” (see the sixth column) there is a value form next row and all next values for this column are shifted up and show values of the next day. At last day of the “Data Range” there is value zero filled see att. qxact_report ACD By day Failed.csv
Can you check this problem and repair it please?
If you need more info let us know.
Thank you for cooperation.

This is a commercial module, yes? I would recommend contacting Sangoma directly for support.

We do not have support agreement. I have expected that I should be able to report an error for a commercial module with valid maintenance, but it is not possible.

How is it possible that for on entry with 0 Answered (17th of january 2024) there is Avg. Talk 1minute 10 seconds and for an entry with 8 Answered (21st of January 2024) there is Avg. Talk 0 seconds.
Very good commercial module :frowning: .

There is likely nothing anyone can do for you here since this is a closed source commercial module. If you purchased the module within one year, there is support, you might have to remind them though :slight_smile: They are the only ones that will be able to do anything about it.,

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