Wrong CID when forwarding to external

Hi Community,

Im running FreePBX, and can set the CID for my outgoing trunc (mydivert).
But only if I forward calls to external phones - iE mobile phones - instead of the the number of the original caller, a random garbarge number is displayed. But when extensions are calling external phones, everything is fine.

DID +43-720-270-222 routed inbound to an extensions, forwarding first to an external number using nnnnnn# in “Follow-Me List”, then final forwarding using “Misc Destinations”.

External +43660270777 calls +43720270222(inbound extension) => forwading to +4369914509210#.
Not +43660270777 is shown, but a random garbage number.

Looking into the logfiles, I found:
“1?Set(CALLERID(all)=06602707777)”) in new stack

I think that just the number format is wrong - should be 06602707777 instead of 436602707777, or?

What can I do here?

Thanx, Axel

How random and what kind of garbage? Does it remotely resemble the original number, and if not, does the random garbage actually change from time to time, or is it the same “random garbage” every time?

Hi Dave,

It never send the (or parts) of the original number when forwarding to external, the displayed numbers outside change random every time: Often UK (+41…) and Germany (+49…), somtimes Belgium, and so on, but allways different nummbers. When in take direct calls with the extension over the same trunk, the CID of the extension is displayd right.

I think the origin problem is that Asterisk is setting as CID of origign call in the format 06602707777 instead of 436602707777 - so my provider (mydivert) seem then to drop this CID and is using a random one.

Looking into the logfiles, I found:
“1?Set(CALLERID(all)=06602707777)”) in new stack
Should be:
“1?Set(CALLERID(all)=436602707777)”) in new stack

BR, Axel