Write cdr data to MySQL and Master.csv on a FreePBX setup

Very new here to the PBX world. We have recently had Asterisk servers installed with FreePBX as the front end.

To do some low tech call volume reports I need to have flat files that can be used with Excel or other products to give daily reports to a variety of users. I’d like to schedule it in cron to activate without a user needing to access the Asterisk server every day.

I was hoping to use the Master.csv file to do this, but it looks like the data from our system only goes to the MySQL database. Is there any way to direct the CDR data to both locations?

I’ve searched numerous sites and don’t see a request like this, so I leave it in your hands good users.


Check your /etc/asterisk/cdr.conf file against:-


Make sure cdr_csv.so module is loaded.

rasterisk -x ‘cdr show status’

to confirm that csv is working.

Figured out my mistake. We have two servers…one is a cold spare. I was setting it up to do the Master.csv output. There’s no traffic on that server…there’s no connection to that server…it can’t work.

Made the changes to my online server and I get the flat file now. Thanks for the help. One question, do I need to worry that about call volume and processing being affected by this change? I work for a national broadcaster, so if the phones started getting slow or unreliable because of a simple change, I wouldn’t hear the end of it.

Thanks again.

No you don’t have to worry.